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Alimova Dilorom Agzamovna

Alimova Dilorom

Doctor of Historical Science, Professor

Head of the department

Head of Grant 

Position: Chief Department   “Historiography and sources studies”

Education: Tashkent State University, Faculty of History (1971).

Academic Degree: Doctor  in History (1991), professor (2002). History Institute, Uzbek Academy of sciences)

Spheres of the Academic Interest: 

  • History and historiography of  female question in Central Asia
  • History and historiography of  national movement in Central Asia
  • History and historiography of culture in Central Asia
  • Methodology of history

List of the Selected Publication:

1.Islam v Centralnoy Azii // Istoricheskoe prostranstvo. Moskva,2012 ( v soavtorstve Agzamova G.A. Karimov E.E)

2.Sistema obrzovanie v Izbekistane: tradicii I innovacii// Informacionniy vestnk Instituta im. Ekkerta. Specialniy vipusk. 2012.

3.Nacionalnaya elita Turkestana : fenomen transformacionnih processov  nachala 20 veka// 2011 ICAS International Academic Conference "Socio-cultural changes and elites in Central Asia". Pp. 3-9.

4.Cultural  Heritage of the Silk Rote  and Uzbekistan //  Silk  Route and Eurasia.  Peace and cooperation.  Edited  by  Aijaz A  Bandey.  Centre of  Central  Asian  Studies University of Kashmir   Srinagar.   – 2011. Pp. 67-76

5.Obraz istorika Centralnoy Azii// Manash Kozibaev: Kolca jizni- P 41-44 Almaty: Raritet, 2012. 239 p

6.Central Asian Jadidism and the Egyptian Islamic Reformism: Some Comparative Remarks // Modernity and its Agencies. Young Movements in the History of the South. – Manohar, 2010. – P. 77-86.

7.Istoriya Uzbekistana nachala XX veka v kontekste evraziyskih processov// Rossiya-Uzbekistan: istoriya I sovremennost. Cpecvipusk. Moskva, 2008. P 26-38.

8.Evoluciya Tashkenta v kontekste sovremennoy kulturi // Uzbekiston poytahti Toshkent  2200 eshda. Toshkent shahrining 2200 yilik yubileyga bagishlangan  halkaro ilmiy konferenciya materiallari. –Toshkent: Fan, 2009.- P 257-263.

9.Tashkent on the Crossroad of the Great Silk Road //  Cities Roads ad Caravan an emblem of linkages through the ages (India, West and Central Asia). International seminar and exhibition. – New Delhi, 2008. – P. 82-83.

10.Women’s Shape in Uzbekistan before and after independence // Danger and identity construction women of Central Asia, Caucuses and Turkey. Brill London - Boston - Koln 2000.